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How to prepare to attend the gathering at Grace City Church in Kapolei - Makakilo.

How do you go to church?

I’m not talking about your mode of transportation, I’m talking about your method of preparation.  Do you go to our Sunday gathering prepared?  Maybe you have never considered how to prepare for our gathering beyond your attire and getting the kids out the door.

Here are some ways you can prepare for our weekly Sunday gathering:

1. Remember who the gathering is for.  Grace City’s Sunday gathering is for God’s people.  Of course, we welcome and expect all kinds of people on the spiritual spectrum in our gathering, but the Sunday gathering is for Christians.  Therefore, prepare yourself to get to the gathering regularly.  Often, this means thinking in terms of both/and.  How can you do XYZ event and attend the gathering?  How can you do both, giving priority to the gathering?  If you remember who the gathering is for, then the level of its importance is more apparent.

2. Remember what the gathering is for.  We like to say Sunday isn’t an audition where we perform for God; rather, it’s a celebration where we rejoice in what God has done for us.  We mainly do this through singing about God’s grace in Christ through our songs, hearing about this grace through the sermons, and experiencing this grace through the sacraments and fellowship with one another.  When you “go to church”, go with a keen sense of your need for God’s grace, and with your need to hear the gospel once again.  While the Sunday gathering won’t blow your hair back with excitement and pizzaz, it is designed so God’s people can drink from the Living Waters.

3. Take some time to pray and read before the gathering.  Pray for one another that eyes would see, ears would hear, and hearts would know.  Pray that God would bless his word as he promises he will.  Pray that God would grant repentance to the unbelievers who may be in attendance.  Before Sunday read the bible passage that will be preached.  What questions arise? What is the meaning and message of the text?  If you’re following the Exodus series, reading the next chapter will most likely keep you up-to-date.  This Sunday (May 20) the text is Ex. 3:1-16.

4. Consider connecting with someone you don’t know.  This sentence will make introverts like me shake in our shoes, however, the only way we can “one another” someone is to connect with them.  After all, the church is your “forever” family, which includes right now.  Be encouraged to come at 9:30 am for our 15-minute connection time, or stay a little while after we dismiss and talk with someone, or maybe grab some lunch together.

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