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explore membership at grace city

At Grace City we believe that every Christian should join a church and faithfully serve and love that church.  We see that membership as a biblical basis for publicly stating that you are in a committed covenant relationship with a particular local church.

The Explore Membership class is a great way to learn more about Grace City and what it means to be a member.  If you're interested in attending the class please fill out the form below.  Also, see the membership FAQ section below.

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membership faqs

For further insight and understanding about membership, you may read our broader informational sheet. Also helpful is listening to Belonging to a Church and Growing in a Church from the Biblically Healthy Church sermon series.

Is Membership Biblical?

the Bible gives good indication that there was a way the early church knew who was a part of the church, and who wasn’t. See Acts 6, 1 Timothy 5, 1 Corinthians 5, and 1 John 2.

Is Membership Necessary?

Membership is necessary and helpful because it is how we grow as Christians. How do you grow in a church?  By loving its members.  By loving and serving and forgiving one another.  By doing the nearly 50 “one anothers” found in Scripture.

Does Joining a Church Make Me a Christian?

No, however, it makes sense that only Christians are members.

Can Non-members Attend Sunday Gatherings?