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How to prepare to attend the gathering at Grace City Church in Kapolei - Makakilo.

How do you go to church?

I’m not talking about your mode of transportation, I’m talking about your method of preparation.  Do you go to our Sunday gathering prepared?  Maybe you have never considered how to prepare for our gathering beyond your attire and getting the kids out the door.

Here are some ways you can prepare for our weekly Sunday gathering:



gospel centered churchWhen I was in the 10th grade I was in a play called Thurber’s Carnival.  I had only one line, and in spite of rehearsing that one line over and over again, I still barely managed to say it.  If you asked me today I wouldn’t be able to tell you my line in spite of rehearsing for several months. In the same way, I forget the gospel.  Of course I don’t forget the basic truth of the gospel that Jesus died for my sin, but I do forget the gospel in many, many other ways.


A gospel centered church in kapoleiSexual intimacy between a husband and wife is a reflection of the intimacy God desires with his people.  Intimacy with God is shown by the fact that He lives in us (Rom. 8:10; Gal. 2:20; John 17:23). Therefore, the physical intimacy of a husband being inside his wife is a physical picture of the spiritual reality for believers.

Some may wonder where in the bible can one find this connection between sexual intimacy and spiritual intimacy.  While the bible does not explicitly state this, we can see it implicitly.



Grace City is a reformed, gospel-centered church in Kapolei

WARNING! Hyper-grace makes Christians lazy. Hyper-grace leads to Christians-gone-wild living. Hyper-grace gives Christians license to sin.

What is hyper-grace?  Hyper-grace is too much grace.  Hyper-grace is excessive grace. Grace is good, but too much grace is a problem.  Grace needs to be balanced; all in moderation.

But, think about it, isn’t the nature of God’s grace hyper?


Grace City Church is led by a team of elders whose primary responsibility is to oversee and care for the church through the ministry of the Word and prayer.  Recently, Grace City’s members voted for the church’s inaugural elders.  As part of the elders’ development and training they will undergo two years of theological study while simultaneously serving Grace City as elders.  For more on eldership please refer to part 7 of our Biblically Healthy Church series.

JaMMike started Grace City (f/k/a Grace Bible Church Kapolei) in 2006. Mike is married to Julie and has three children, Josiah (16), Micah (14), and Aaron(12). Mike graduated from ‘Iolani High school, received a BA in Journalism from the University of Hawaii, and a Master of Divinity from The King’s Seminary. Prior to starting GCC Mike served as a youth and college pastor at Grace Bible Church Honolulu (10 years), Executive pastor at Grace Bible Church Pearlside (3 years), and also spent 8 months as a missionary to Europe.

Mike’s main responsibilities at Grace City are prayer and full-time preaching.

Kerry MooreKerry began attending Grace City (f/k/a Grace Bible Church Kapolei) after moving to Hawaii in 2011. Mississippi-born, Kerry grew up in Oklahoma where he graduated from Yukon High School and received a BA in German and BBA’s in International Business and Marketing at the University of Oklahoma. During his time at Grace City, Kerry has served on the Operations team helping with set-up and media and on the Music team playing keyboard. Kerry is currently the Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Directors. 

Mel ReyesMel has been with Grace City Church since 2006. Mel is married to Edwina and has two children, Luke (15) and Sean (10). Mel graduated from the University of Guam (BA Finance/Econ, Management) and a Master’s Degree in International Business from University of Phoenix, Hawaii.  Mel has many years of experience in finance, budget, banking and taxes.

Mel also serves as a board of director as its Vice President.  

Alex SharpAlex began attending Grace City in 2006 as a college student, and served with the youth group.  Alex graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BA in Speech. He also spent 3 years in Japan as a missionary. Alex is married to Ayaka and they have a son, Asher (2).

Alex serves on the preaching team.

Grace City’s staff is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the of the church, which includes Sunday, and non-Sunday responsibilities.


Guy Branco
Sunday set-up & operations

Kimo Branco
Sunday set-up & operations

London Thompson
Music & Sound

Ying Williams
Children/Toddlers Director

Kerry Moore

Mike Ohara
Preaching/Teaching & Community Groups

Daniel Schleif
Sunday media & breakdown

Grace City’s board of directors promote and protect the fiscal integrity and health of GCC through biblical financial stewardship and oversight.


Mike Ohara

Melvic Reyes

Kerry Moore  

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