Time of our gathering: 9:30am – 10:45am

Location: Mauka Lani Elementary School in Makakilo (92-1300 Panana Street, Kapolei, 96707)
Church Map


When you arrive: When you arrive at Mauka Lani Elementary, you’ll find ample parking. The services take place in the school’s cafeteria. Before you find a seat, stop by the Connection Table for some light snacks and coffee, and for some church information. You may bring your food to your seat, we don’t mind.

What about your kids?: We have a children’s ministry located in the building next to the cafeteria, near the parking lot for kids 18mos. to 10 years-old. Your child will experience a fun and safe environment where they will learn biblical truth in an engaging manner. Our classes are divided into two age groups: 18mos. – 5 yrs. old, and 6 yrs. old – 10 yrs. old. You may check-in your younger child at the beginning of the service.  Your older child will check in at the cafeteria, and they will be excused to their class after the singing. They will be escorted to the class by the teacher whom you will meet in the back of the cafeteria after the singing. Safety is very important to us. We ensure we have well-staffed classes. We also provide a communication pager for those checking in kids from 18mos. – 5 yrs. old in case we need to reach you during the service.

Further, we perform a background check on every children’s worker to ensure a high level of safety. We are positive your child will enjoy their experience, however, we realize that it may take time to get used to a new environment. This is why we provide a children’s area at the back of the cafeteria where your child may stay with you during the service. Look for the Family Zone sign.

For students between 11 – 17 years old we have a class that meets during the sermon. The students attend the singing with the adults, then they are excused during the greeting time to meet the teachers in the back of the cafeteria before they go to their class in the library. [PLEASE NOTE: THE STUDENT CLASS IS ON BREAK FOR SUMMER 2017]

How you dress: It can get warm in the cafeteria so dress comfortably. The children’s classes are air-conditioned.


Order of Service

Song 1: Song of Praise (we sing about God’s holiness and “bigness.”)
Song 2: Song of Confession (we confess our sin and our need for grace.)
Song 3: Song of Grace (we sing about the finished work of Christ to rescue sinners with salvation)

WELCOME & GREETING We take a moment to say ‘hi’ to one another & grab some coffee/snacks.

OFFERING A time where we practically respond to the gospel with financial giving. The giving supports the work of Grace City to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel. However, we ask that you not give if you feel it’s a way to get into God’s or the church’s good graces. We ask that you simply receive.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Updates about the church.

PREACHING We preach from sections of the Bible with the purpose to diagnose sinners and to point to Christ the Deliverer.

COMMUNION (THE LORD’S TABLE) We observe Communion once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month. This is a believer’s sacrament where we approach the table as needy sinners, and where we touch and taste the bread and the cup, reminding us of the absolution we have in Christ. If you’re not a Christian, we ask that you abstain from partaking. This is not to make anyone feel excluded or uncomfortable. Outside of Christ, the juice and the cracker does nothing, so it doesn’t make sense to receive the elements.

Song 4: Song of Rejoicing: we rejoice in the finished work of Christ and thank God for meeting our guilt with His grace.

DISMISSAL The church gathered becomes the church scattered as we go to our various vocations and callings assured in our right-ness before God in Christ. This allows us to love and serve our neighbor wherever we go throughout the week.


The primary purpose of the Sunday gathering is to receive from God His liberating grace through the means of the Word (preaching and singing) and the sacraments (water baptism and communion). Through the Word and the sacraments we are diagnosed as sinners, we hear the gospel of His salvation, and we rejoice in the gift of His grace. God does this work to us and for us through faith alone in the finished work of Christ alone by His grace alone as revealed in Scripture alone for His everlasting glory and our eternal joy.


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